Souly Funerals is an Auckland Funeral Home

We are a professional Auckland Funeral Home offering Cremation and Burial Services. We have Eco Options too, right through to the full traditional Funeral Service (just the same as the larger Funeral Homes in Auckland).

We can organise the Flowers and Balloons for you, the Service Sheets, a Memorial Book, Catering and Lounge etc. Souly Funerals can cater to whatever you want or expect from a funeral home, to help send off your loved one with all the love and respect that they deserve.

We also give you the option to organise the extras yourself, too; by managing your own catering and flowers etc, these are some of the costs you can often save on.

Common Q&As About our Funeral Home

Our margins are lower and we work hard to keep our funeral pricing affordable. We do not inflate our prices yet provide the same professional funeral services. Our overheads are lower due to fewer operating staff, smaller operation but with excellent, qualified people doing a great job for our clients. In comparison, we are boutique and feel that this makes our service more personal to families.

Our pricing is reasonable, however, we never compromise the care of the deceased and how we work together with families. The funeral services we provide throughout Auckland are professional and if the chosen Funeral Service is a traditional Funeral Service in Auckland then we tend to use the same chapels that all of the other Funeral Homes use that are available to us, ie. Purewa Cemetery, Manukau Memorial Gardens, Mangere Lawn Cemetery, North Shore Memorial Park (Schnapper Rock) and Waikumete Cemetery. Some Funeral Homes in Auckland have their own chapels but will often use the cemetery chapels if the funerals are larger in size.

Yes, Aleisha Moris has completed the National Funeral Directors Diploma in 2015 along with other students from Funeral Homes throughout NZ and the practices learnt from this course were extremely helpful.

Yes, Brad Morris has been qualified in embalming in since 2004 and he takes pride in his work making sure your loved one is well cared for and pays attention to detail meticulously making sure the deceased are presented perfectly.

Our company Souly Funerals is not currently a part of the FDANZ (Funeral Directors Association of NZ) but we are currently looking into this option. We are however members of the NZ Embalming Association and find that this is extremely important to keep up to date with the modern practices of embalming. Our embalmer, Brad, regularly attends the NZ Embalming Conferences.

Yes, of course, we can help to organise and manage the Funeral Service with your minister/priest and or family representative or celebrant if required. We can book in the cremation or burial after the Funeral Service and we can go to any of the cemeteries within the Auckland region.

You can call us at any time or contact us via our website. Most of our forms are available online, we find it is good to have this online option available due to busy lifestyles and social demands but we prefer to meet with you in person if possible. We can meet at our premises or your home, or wherever is suitable to complete the required paperwork.

No we do not believe it is so… Our Souly Cremation Package was what we initially offered when we first set up our company because we felt society dictated this basic cremation option and there was a need for more affordable options.

Some funeral homes will steer you away from this because it is some peoples’ belief that you are not honouring your loved one in the way you should by celebrating and having a full Funeral Service. We feel that this a personal choice and everyone is allowed their own opinion. We also do not feel that it is a dishonour in any way especially if the family have choosen to do a Memorial Service after cremation has taken place. This option can often be more of a celebration of life than a traditional funeral service because it is less stressful on family and allows more time to process.

Older people who outlive their friends and a lot of their relatives prefer this option. It is not necessary to have a full or fancy Funeral Service to honor them when just a few are left to celebrate it? Small families will often just have a get-together that is minimalistic and very personal to the deceased, and we see this as positively honouring your loved one.

Also, some people that are Preplanning their own funeral quite often ring us wanting the basic cremation option because they don’t want to leave their family in debt or they actually just prefer this option to a traditional funeral and make their wishes known to their family, prior to passing.

Our Funeral Home is located in Pakuranga, Auckland

9 Cortina Place, Pakuranga, Auckland 2010

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