Souly Cremation Traditional


This package is a perfect cremation option with either the Grosvenor Casket, EnviroLiner or your choice of upgrade (see options below), and can also be used to have loved one at home, chapel or church etc. The difference between the Eco and Traditional is we use traditional embalming techniques for this package and it is ideal for having your loved one at a service of choice for a longer time duration. This is the package to choose if you would like viewing of your loved one.

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  • Mangere Lawn Cemetery as our standard cemetery for cremations. If you would prefer we use another Auckland cemetery you may select from the options below. 

    • 0 $
  • Optional Casket Upgrades

    Personalise your package with an optional casket upgrade.


    • 0 $ POA


  • Initial Transfer of loved one
  • Preparation of loved one1
  • Standard Grosvenor Casket or EnviroLiner (optional casket upgrades are available)
  • Choose viewing in our Viewing Room (1hr) or at your private ceremony
  • Ceremony (1hr)
  • Ceremony Transfers in Hearse
  • Cremation
  • Register of Death
  • Medical Documentation
  • Death Certificate
  • Returning of Ashes in Basic Urn

Please note:

  1. Preparation – full traditional embalming – Post mortem embalming from $250 (see our terms and conditions).
  2. Viewings at our premises are limited to 1hr, and an extra $250/hr. Viewings can also be at your home or a pre-arranged location within Auckland (EnviroLiner option – viewings are restricted to our premises only)
  3. Private ceremony at your private location, ie. Church, Home, Club etc., limited to 1 hour ceremony.  Our funeral service is 1 hour unless otherwise arranged. Please confirm venue with us when selecting this package.
  4. Transfer of loved one to ceremony location and crematorium.
  5. Dressings – If you would like to dress your loved one an additional fee of $100 will be charged.
  6. We have extra charges for Post Mortem cases and people over 100kgs (see our terms and conditions).
  7. Our main cemetery for cremation is Mangere Lawn Cemetery. (If family want to follow, and want to choose a different cemetery an additional $150+ charge applies). Purewa Cemetery fees are higher overall and we have extra fees starting from $200
  8. Weekend fees from $250 apply to Funeral Services

All prices shown include GST.

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