IMPORTANT: Please Read Carefully

I AGREE to being responsible for all charges incurred and agree that all payments are made payable to Souly Funerals.  If I do not make payments by the due date of invoice I am liable for all debt incurred and except that a debt collecting agency may be used to obtain any further payments.

I AGREE to permit Souly Funerals Services Ltd to carry out any hygienic preparation required for the dignified and safe presentation of the Deceased.

I AGREE and acknowledge that I am liable to pay additional for the embalming of an infectious and oversized body of the Deceased, from $250. Souly Funerals Services Ltd reserves the rights to decline embalming of the Deceased at its sole discretion.

I AGREE to permit Souly Funerals Services Ltd to charge an extra cost if an oversize casket is required, from $250.

I DECLARE that I am duly authorised to give this authority and indemnify Souly Funerals Services Ltd against any and all claims, costs and/or proceedings arising from any services and/or attendances herein incurred by me.

I HEREBY AUTHORISE you to meet on my behalf any and all necessary costs in respect of the funeral of the Deceased. I hereby undertake and agree to pay you all such outgoings together with your account for professional services.


(a) I ACKNOWLEDGE that the total account for the services in regard to the Deceased are payable by me on or before the due date (either the day of the funeral service or day of cremation). I further acknowledge that I am liable to pay an Administration Fee should the account not be paid by the due date. I understand that where the total account for the services has not been paid by the due date, Souly Funerals Services Ltd may withhold the supply of any services and/or attendances at its sole discretion.

(b) I AGREE that interest on overdue invoices shall accrue from the due date until the date of payment at the rate of 10% per calendar month and shall accrue at such rate after as well as before any judgment.

(c) I AGREE that if I default in payment of any invoice when due, I will indemnify Souly Funerals Services Ltd from and against all its legal costs and disbursements calculated on a solicitor and own client basis and in addition all or any debt collection costs.

(d) Privacy Act 1993 I ACKNOWLEDGE that you are collecting personal information about me for the purpose of carrying out the funeral arrangements and that this information may be provided to the company employees or contractors for debt collection or credit reporting purposes or in the event that the company assigns any of its rights to any other party to the party receiving those rights.

(e) IF PAYING BY CREDIT CARD (via Stripe) there will be a surcharge added to your order during the checkout process.

Additional Charges

Oversize Persons & Oversized Caskets

Oversize Caskets apply to those who weigh over 100kg and or are over 6.1ft in height – extra costs depend on the chosen casket and start from $250. An additional charge will apply to oversized person for embalming as per above.

Post Mortem

Where a Post Mortem has been carried out, an additional charge will apply, from $250 to cover additional expenses during the embalming process.