A Funeral Service is when you typically have the deceased present in a casket at the service. A Memorial Service is when you have a service either with or without ashes or a service for remembrance, so the deceased is not present physically but perhaps spiritually. Read more about our Cremation Packages.

Memorial services are becoming increasingly popular they are now more widely accepted in NZ society and in some cases are the preferred option. Having a Memorial Service can be less stressful for the family as they can organise it in their own time. This allows them to personalise the Memorial Service, after the cremation has taken place they can look into booking a venue, and that could mean arranging a gathering at a family home or perhaps at church or an RSA. See our link if you need a celebrant to run your memorial service.

Depending on what your loved one’s interests were maybe a nature memorial at the beach or hiking up to a special place of remembrance. The list goes on maybe a boat charter to scatter ashes at sea or to inter ashes by means of planting a Memorial Tree.

We have a great product that allows you to grow a plant on top of the interned ashes, due to ash remains being extremely acidic plants will often die if planted on top, however if you purchase a product like Let Your Love Grow you will have a much higher success rate of the planting growing.